Web + Digital Services for the Tourism Industry

We work according to your needs

We want you to succeed

1. We will design and host a specialist website in .fr just for you.

If you do not have a dedicated website or web page in French, we will create and host that website. Being hosted in France is important as you will get more exposure and therefore more traffic, more enquiries about your destination and your services.
We will assign a specific email address to redirect all enquiries to you.

2. If you already have a website, and prefer that all traffic gets to your website, we will work on one or more webpages in French.

You will receive all enquiries into your normal forms or email.

We are ScotsInnofrench has sent us many groups into the Isle of Skye since 2015. We are quite happy with our partnership – David Murphy

orfordWe have been very pleased by the commitment and services of the team. – Dana Charbonneau

3. We do SEO and create traffic into your specific or you own website.

We are very good and search engine optimization (SEO) and once your dedicated website or webpage in French is set up, we will start creating backlinks and create authority to your site. 

This will improve your rankings in Google and other search engines, and you will benefit from additional traffic, and more enquiries for your services.

You are getting enquiries for your services

4. If need be, we help you manage the enquiries (if you do not have the ressources for example).

We talk with the client, write their brief and address it to you in English so you can fully understand and create the perfect itinerary for them. We can even accompany your newly made client during the event if you want us to. You deliver a perfect service!

You want something simpler ?

Be our Partners on our websites

We are also website editors for our own count, and we receive many enquiries through these websites. Benefit from our trafic and be identified in these pages as our Partners…

All enquiries from these websites will be directed to you, and you only.

Our websites are specialised in generating enquiries from companies to organise events, seminars, incentives, corporate events, …

Our websites are ranking very well on Google, so we are getting a lot of traffic, and many enquiries that we can direct to you.

Such websites include: agence-seminaire.fr; agenceincentive.com;  voyagegroupe.fr; voyageentreprise.fr, etc…

And we support in the relationship

If need be, we manage the relationship with you and the client in order for you to succeed. And if you want, we can also accompany the client during the trip so everything goes smoothly in the conversation.