Covid or no Covid, we are here to support you

The Covid-19 has hit the entire tourism industry. There are almost no planes in the sky and people are longing to get back home when they are stranded abroad. This coronavirus storm is taking out the entire world, and even though we know that the death rate is limited, it is still too high.

The global tourism industry will be hit for a long time, and we can expect to count in months, many months. Tourism will start again internally, from within each country, and then spread to the countries who will not be affected anymore. But travel restrictions will make it difficult to resume business as it was.

Here at Innofrench, our teams are still working – from home mostly – but we are operational. We support our healthcare teams by doing the right thing – which is to stay at home. At least for now. Fortunately we have many communication tools, and we are there if you need us.

We are always happy to exchange, discuss, share our views.

We understand that for many, the situation is too difficult to project themselves in the near future, but that does not meant we can not support you. So please reach out, we will be happy to listen and discuss.

Some will also argue that now is the time to act, and to get ahead.

In all cases, Innofrench Is there to support you.

Take care. Be safe.