Promoting Destination Management Companies & Service Providers

It’s not just promoting your business, it’s all about getting business for you!

Our main objective is to get you leads and deals so that your business grows. Since 2008, we have grown an expertise in getting leads and enquiries through digital ressources such as websites, emails and social networks.

Our traditional services for DMCs and Service Providers

Website creation / Web page creation:

We fit your requirements, and we do both depending on your own digital strategy:

  • Website creation: we create a website with it’s own Domain Name, with the sole objective of gaining leads and enquiries from the french speaking market. We work on keywords and search intent to create the best SEO Optimized website. You also get a specific email address through which all enquiries arrive. We also insert our french phone number people can call and ask more detail. This is a convenient way to get all their information and project information that are all passed to you.
  • Web page creation: We stick to your website and it’s design and we will create webpages on your website so that the trafic goes directly to you. All enquiries will be made directly to you, through your usual channels, phone and email.

Getting your website to the top of Search Engines

Once you have a pretty website, it needs to go to the top of Google and other search engines to start generating some leads.

Usually, we do not do adverts. We simply rely on our SEO skills to get the website to the top of Google. It can take up to 2 months. So if you are in a hurry, we can do ads. But we advise to take the time and let us do our magic. We know it will reach the top.

To get your website to the top of Google and other search engines, we will create content, and add authority (through backlinks) to the site so that it will gradually level to the top of rankings.

Mission duration

We work on a 6 months basis because we rely on SEO – Search Engine Optimization – and it takes time to get results.

We will also know there is seasonality and some companies will start their enquiries 1 year in advance.

So we like to work long term, and our minimum comitment is 6 months.

Managing enquiries and leads

All enquiries are automatically sent to you.

98% of the enquiries are in french. Each lead will have the following information for you:

  • company name
  • first & last name of the person
  • email of the person
  • telephone number of the person
  • website of the company
  • dates of projected trip
  • size of the group (number of people)
  • budget in euros
  • multiple choice: is the enquiry for a team building, seminar, full event
  • A text description of the projected trip

We can add any other information you may like.

Assiting you with the leads

We can help! Especially if you do not have the ressources internally. It would be a shame to drop a lead because of the language barrier… We translate the enquiries and send them to you. And then we retranslate your presentation into french to send it to your prospects.
We also explain and discuss directly with your prospect and deliver your argumentary.

Once you have closed the deal we can also assist on site by joining the group and acting as a member of your team.

How do we deal with your competitors

It’s not surprise but there are many DMCs and service providers in one city.

We do not like to put companies into competition. So once we have you, we will stick with you.

Trade shows assistance

If you are planning to exhibit at one of the trade shows in France, or Canada or in any other french speaking country, we can help with the logistics, especially when it comes to finding hostesses who could distribute flyers to visitors.

We can also take preliminary information about the show including prices, size requirements, etc…

Our strentghs:

We know the web – we are experts at SEO, designing websites that will attract readership and generate enquiries. We create websites that generate interest, trafic and sales leads for our clients.

We are meticulous – we search for the right combinations of expressions and key words that are the intents of people searching for your services.

We create trust with the user – it’s not just a pretty website, we are actually there to answer queries and discuss with potential prospects for you, on your behalf, so that even if you do not have the internal ressources, you can rely on us to go through.

We can be onsite with you – if your proposal goes through and you need a french speaking person to accompany your client, we can also be there and act as a liaison or interpreter for you.

Case studies – here are just a few examples

Exotic Rental Miami

We have been generating leads for EXOTIC RENTALS located in Miami since 2018. The company has worked from its own website that we have pushed to the french speaking market. The company organises road trips for groups in Southern Florida, Miami and the Keys.

GOSLAR INCOMING is a DMC based in Germany between Hanover and Leipzig. InnoFrench has been working towards getting groups into Goslar and the region for more than 5 years, organising discovery trips, but also corporate business trips to meet with local companies.

NATAL TRAVEL is one of the leading DMCs in the city of Natal, Brazil. The company has developed a range of programs for groups and especially french speaking travelers. They offer an all in one experience of the region.

VARNA TOURS is a tour provider working out of the city of Varna in Bulgaria. The family owned company has been trusting InnoFrench since 2017, growing group tours based on education, food and team building and activities.